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Six key points from the McLaren Olympic boxing investigation

1) Corruption took place at the 2016 Olympic boxing tournamentMcLaren said he was now investigating 11 suspicious bouts that were likely corrupted as part of a “bout manipulation” scheme, which

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Most cases of never-smokers’ lung cancer treatable with mutation-targeting drugs

Despite smoking’s well-known role in causing lung cancer, a significant number of patients who develop lung tumors have never smoked. While scientists are still working to understand what spurs cancer

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Tesla Megapack fire in Australia blamed on undetected coolant leak

A fire that damaged two Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) battery units at a huge energy storage project in Australia in July was caused by a coolant leak that went undetected during

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Surging iPhone 13 demand has Apple suppliers prioritizing the company over its competitors

The launch of the iPhone 13 lineup appears to be a resounding success for Apple, with people rushing to upgrade to the latest models. In fact, demand is so high

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This Company is Making Microplastics That are Biodegradable and Non-Degradable Ones Which Don’t Break Apart

A UK-French startup just announced a $17 million funding round to make a variety of products that will allow large producers to cut out their share of microplastic pollution. With

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